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Iconic Winemakers is the concept of John Quinn. Since joining Penfolds in 1987 a glass or bottle has never been far from ‘Quinny’s’ reach. Openly acknowledging he new nothing about wine when he joined the marketing department his best friend became the winemaker. He sat, he listened and he learned. Now having an extensive background in sales and marketing management of many of Australia’s iconic wine brands, including Penfolds, Wynns Coonawarra Estate, Lindemans, Seppelt, Haselgrove et al and having worked with many of Australia’s iconic winemakers, he wanted to give back to the guys and gals he has so much respect for.

Iconic Winemakers is an on line only wine site. The aim is to supply wines from our Iconic Winemakers not available from bottle shops and from big retail chains whose prime aim is to screw producers and force them to make to a price. This practice is hindering the industry, not enhancing it. Iconic Winemakers Is about quality and to showcase the skills of our great Australian assets.

On the world stage, Australian wines, but perhaps more relevantly, Australian Winemakers, are viewed as being at the top of their game. Whether it’s a value volume label or a small batch hands on limited offering, Australian Winemakers consistently produce wines that are highly sought after by consumers worldwide. Our sunshine, our access to irrigation and the dirt beneath our feet make for a great terroir. But it’s our Australian Winemakers who conjure up intrigue and add real value to the industry.

Bringing those skills and our natural wonders is the premise that drives Iconic Winemakers.


An Iconic Winemaker is someone who learnt their trade, and made their name, making wine and building Australia’s best loved wine brands but have now gone on to do their own thing. Think if Max Schubert had of left Penfolds and started Schubert’s Wines, you get the idea. Any winemaker will tell you their experience with the big boys and apprenticeship under former pioneers is paramount to their standing in the industry today.

The brief we have given our winemakers is show us your skill, focus on your best known variety and highlight your region’s unique qualities.