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John Quinn
25 October 2015 | My Blog Category | John Quinn

Senate Inquiry into the Australian Wine Industry

With thanks to Anthony Madigan from Wine Business Magazine, this is part of his report from the recent Senate Inquiry into the Australian wine industry.
Someone presented a graph showing how much Italy spends on marketing – 189 million euros compared to our 1.4 million. Nick Xenophon is like he is on TV: quick-talking, no-nonsense and emotionless. Xenophon grilled AGWA CEO Andreas Clark. "Why haven't you gone to the Government asking for more marketing money? Isn’t it your job to do that? The funding is pathetic. Seriously, how can you do your job properly? There's an old saying: if you don't ask, you don't get.” Bang! Pow! Zap. Wait, there's more. "And have you conducted a survey in the Riverland to help with their survival? What are you doing to help them?"


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