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John Quinn
21 August 2017 | John Quinn

Value vs Cheap

Like many bricks and mortar wine outlets, a lot of on-line wine businesses rely on discounting as their modus operandi . They’ll continually announce ‘don’t pay $22 for this bottle, just pay $9.99’. The reason it’s being sold cheap is because it didn’t sell at the original price or most likely it was never worth that to start. One of Australia’s best known retailers puts new products into their system 25% above the normal retail for the first couple of months so when they put it on special they’ll claim a saving of 40% off their retail price. Discounted on-line wines are often selling non-moving old label stock or distressed stock….in other words dormant stock; it’s dormant for a reason.

At Iconic Winemakers we prefer to talk value for money, not how cheap a wine is. A $40 bottle will often be better value for money than a discounted 10 buck bottle. All our Iconic Winemakers are icons of the industry and the wines they put forward are their signature varieties they and their region do best. Our winemakers aim to deliver beyond expectations, not make to a price point.

Here are a few examples of our wines that deliver beyond expectations.

Andrew Thomas.
Semillon is to the Hunter as what the Hunter is to Semillon and there’s arguably no better custodian than Andrew Thomas (Margan’s makes great ones too). The current vintage of Thommo’s Semillon is the newly released 2017 Braemore. Thommo recently told me;

"I’ve just released my 2017 Braemore Semillon (2016 all sold out), so I’m humbled but proud to say this label has been included in Halliday’s TOP100 wines of the year for the past 5 vintages in a row. To my knowledge, no other single label has achieved this. World class wine at only $33.00/bottle, drink it as a youngster or put it away in the cellar - has to be one of the great bargains of Australian wine."


Troy Kalleske.
Campbell Mattinson said of the Greenock Shiraz;
"If this wine had the word Penfolds on the front label it would be sold at three times the price. If you like Barossa shiraz, Kalleske Greenock Shiraz should sit in the centre of your sights. Another stunner under this label. So smooth, so rich, so grunty, so substantial. It’s a wine of warm, inky depths and long, fruit-drenched tannin. Vanilla cream, blackberry, saturated plums and cloves. A mouth-filling red, done terrifically well”.


Corrina Wright.
Originally from Italy the Fiano grape is a relative newcomer to the Australian terroir. That said McLaren Vale winemakers seem to have taken to it (see also Briony Hoare from Beach Rd) like they have many of the Mediterranean grape varieties that suit warm ripening days and cool nights tempered by sea breezes. Corrina has this news for us;

Oliver’s Taranga 2016 has recently won the best white wine at the 2017 Melbourne International Wine Show. In doing so the Corrina Wright lead winery saw it named the ‘McLaren Vale White Wine Winery of the Year’.


Tash Mooney.
When you do something you love, I gather you love something you do. After a lunch with Tash I got the distinct impression she loved making her Pinot Gris. Huon Hooke, arguably Australia’s most respected wine writer, agreed. Huon rated it South Australia’s No. 1 Pinot Gris. Not bad for a wine that only costs $22 a bottle. Tash told me; 

'This wine is a “Pinot Gris” style rather than a “Pinot Grigio” style and that means the wine has more intensity and character. This comes from riper fruit in the vineyard and a lot of lees work in the winery. A winemakers dream really'.


Larry Cherubino.
A new wine on our site is the 2016 Cherubino Great Southern Riesling; and with Spring seemingly sprung it’s about time to get out the ice bucket and fill up with some Riesling. The results for the James Halliday Wine Companion 2018 are out and this Riesling received an outstanding 96 points. Most people who get 96 usually become a doctor or a lawyer…..thankfully for us Larry chose winemaking. He says of his wines under this his ‘best of’ Cherubino label;

"The sum of our experiences and our best performing parcels of the vineyard come to be expressed in our Cherubino range. It’s the best of what we do, from Margaret River to Pemberton, to the regions of the Great Southern; our top one percent, and with each year, we improve the quality of our best. Handmade, with attention to detail taken at every step of the winemaking journey. They are our signature, the sign of our best work."


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